Leaders should be visible, accessible and approachable… and never stop learning.

Richard Branson

Our Vision: IT Coaching for Increased Performance

At the Geek Coach, we live and breathe the IT industry! And we are passionate about successfully integrating IT people into the world of business.

Whilst being able to fulfil a technical role to a high standard, those in the IT industry frequently struggle with human skills such as communication, teamwork and leadership.

Our mission is to develop individuals and businesses in the IT industry for success through IT coaching for increased performance. We are committed to helping individuals within the industry embrace new skills that will aid self-development and help to drive their businesses to levels of increased performance.

Leadership in the IT industry

Our Strategy

IT Coaching For Increased Performance: Coaching is a form of development for business leaders and future leaders. It provides positive support, feedback, and advice on an individual or group basis to improve personal effectiveness in the business setting, focusing on behavioural changes through psychometrics or 360-degree feedback.  

Most people are not born leaders. For the majority, becoming an outstanding leader requires learning and time. In addition to developing practical skills, leaders must also have great character. They need to develop an understanding of emotional intelligence and human behaviour. It’s this greater understanding that enables both established and emerging leaders to positively influence workplace culture, communication, facilitation, modelling and mentoring, to name a few. It’s these principles of development on which our unique strategy is based.

One fundamental thing that we’ve learned is that people are generally capable of achieving far more than they imagine possible. Here at The Geek Coach, we open the door to those possibilities and guide you to achieve and perform far beyond the expectations of yourself and others.

It’s time to hack your neural networks and reboot your super-geek!

We don’t just stop at IT Coaching!

Where The Geek Coach works with IT individuals and businesses on specific problems, The Tech Leader Academy provides training in the same tools and techniques, and so much more, that we use to enable you to be able to resolve any problem you may have in the future.

Some of our achievements in the last 12 months

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Michelle Coombs IT industry coach

Michelle Coombs

Michelle Coombs has over 20 years of experience within the IT sector. She has worked for both IT service providers and with small to multi-national businesses with IT at their core.

Despite a strong technical and process background, Michelle’s passion has always been people and how to get the very best from them through IT coaching. It was this desire and determination to bring about change and development in others, that led to the birth of The Geek Coach.

Michelle is an experienced IT Leader and consultant, coach, mentor and NLP Master Practitioner and Trainer. She is focused on working closely with IT Professionals, Leaders and Service Providers, helping them to significantly improve their levels of communication, deliverability and performance. Her unique style of results-driven coaching continues to act as a catalyst for change in the IT industry, effecting positive personal development in people and improved commercial performance in IT centric businesses.

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