For customers of IT Service Providers, we offer a comprehensive Virtual IT Director Service.

IT customers

For customers of IT Service Providers, and even those without an IT Service Provider, we offer a Virtual CIO / CTO / IT Director Service.

Virtual IT Director Services

When it comes to planning and managing your IT, it can be a challenge to source and retain senior staff who have the right blend of knowledge and technical expertise. As is so often the case due to budgetary, staffing or recruitment constraints, employing a full-time IT Director is just not an option. Which is where the flexibility of using our Virtual IT Director becomes the perfect solution. This service is entirely independent of any IT Service Provider.

Delivering strategic guidance

We provide the same type of support and services that you would expect to be delivered by a conventional IT Director or Chief Information Officer. We are able to provide your business with all the skills and experience of these roles, examining how your business is evolving and strategically direct your business objectives in the right direction. Our unique virtual service is designed to enhance performance and efficiency, and support your overall business strategy.

Value-driven solutions

A Virtual Director works in partnership with you to provide services that address your key challenges to deliver your organisation’s overall vision and objectives, and to maximise the return on investment for your technology.

How a Virtual CIO / CTO / IT Director can support your organisation
  • Our Virtual IT Directors can develop and plan an IT roadmap linking IT services to the objectives of your business
  • The service takes ownership of overall IT strategy, policy, direction and budgeting
  • We will provide unbiased opinions and entirely independent feedback
  • A Virtual Director can plan IT budgets and recommend cost saving initiatives
  • Manage all IT risk, compliance and security requirements
  • We will provide regular audit and reporting functions
  • Be present and active at management and board meetings
  • Our Virtual IT Directors have proven and established frameworks and methodologies
  • Bring a wide range of skillsets, from project management to budgeting and procurement to service management
  • Manage third party relationships